Now that you will be “living” onboard a ship, you may be asking yourself, “What is there to do on this huge ship?” No worries, all of the cruise lines have fun filled activities planned all day, every day for everyone!

Once you board the vessel, take time to explore!!  If you have not signed up for shore excursions, now is the perfect time to do this at the excursions desk.   In many cases, there is a ship tour available to help groups familiarize themselves with the surroundings, as well as a mandatory lifeboat drill at approximately 4:30pm.  If you have been assigned a Festivals at Sea Representative on your sailing, He/She will conduct a welcome aboard meeting.  This meeting is mandatory.  If your group does not have a representative sailing with you, please feel free to orientate yourself and in most cases, the ship will conduct an orientation session in one of the lounges.

Okay! Now it’s time to start the constant dining! For you convenience, the ships will have a lunch buffet prepared upon arrival. The main dining room serves breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. Breakfast and lunch times may vary depending on arrival times of the various ports of call, however, dinner will always be scheduled at the same time. If you would like a more informal setting, a buffet for all meals will be served at select locations. If you are still hungry, there is the midnight buffet, plus, most ships have 24-hour pizza bars, ice cream, and room service.

Now, what will you do while the next meal is being prepared? Make that, what won’t you do?! From deck games to karaoke, water slides to the teen disco, stage shows to ping-pong tournaments, there are countless activities for the entire group! Don’t worry, each ship provides a daily list of activities in your cabin that will give you a “hint” of what to expect!!

Note:  Festivals at Sea is not responsible for any changes or discrepancies amongst cruise lines and ships.  Each specific sailing has variations and all activities are at the discretion of the specific Cruise Director on the day of sailing.