To speed the check-in process once you arrive at the pier, we strongly recommend that every person in your group pre-register on the cruise ship’s website no later than three days prior to your cruise. Your final cabin list will contain your individual booking number or reservation number, which you will need to pre-register. For a Carnival cruise, you may pre-register at . Once here, find the “Before You Board” tab and select “Boarding Documents”. Please print out the confirmation page stating that you have registered and keep it with your ticket.

Please note: Not all guests can complete the entire pre-registration process. Often those guests under the age of 18 will not be able to print this document. Please complete as much as you can.  The remaining items will be completed at the port.  Once you arrive at the port, if you are assigned a Festivals at Sea Representative to sail with you, He/She will guide you further.  If  not, you will check in with any port agent.