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Music Cruises

Our Program, Festivals & Performances at Sea is the originator of the Festivals at Sea concept. We have grown into the largest and most knowledgeable travel planner in the student cruise industry. We offer the most exciting ports around the country including Port Canaveral, Miami, Tampa, Mobile, New Orleans, Galveston, and Los Angeles (just to name a few). We can take you to the top destinations including Nassau, Freeport, Cosumel, Cancun, Bermuda, Alaska, and Hawaii!!

You can perform in our own Music Festival that we hold on board ship, which is the most highly respected music festival on the seas!! Our executive director, Commander Allen Beck (the former director of the Naval Band in Washington DC) arranges for top-notch adjudicators from around the country!!

In addition, you can perform on board and/or at many of the exciting ports!! Imagine performing at the port in Nassau, Bahamas or in Cozumel, Mexico. Or how about in Bermuda!! We will arrange any, all, or a combination of performances that can enhance your cruise experience!!

Contact us today — We can’t wait to see you on board!